Saturday, December 31, 2011

:: Happy New Year ::

Before me off to The Curve,i would like to wish u all Happy New Year 2012..tik tok tik tok..soon we will say gud bye to Mr 2011..and welcome Mr 2012..i will miss u Mr 2011..and all the memories that we build together will remain in my heart..all the sadness n the happiness that we've been thru,will not faded just like that..gonna miss u a lot Mr 2011..coz there's a lot of things that we've shared together..

And to Mr 2012,please be nice to me!!..hope u treat me better compared to Mr 2011..can't wait to see u..

*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 U'OLLS..may 2012 will brings u good luck,good health and prosperous wealth..*



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