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:: Info For Black Pearl's Lover.. - The Dangers of Bubbles - ::

Tersenak sekejap perut bile baca artikel pasal Black Pearl nie..adehhhh,dh la mmg feveret tahap gaban satria baja hitam punye..punye la feveret smpkan card Chatime tuh tinggal lagi satu je column nak abis n dh boleh dpt air free dh 2..n gegurl dpt yg chop2 tuh semua less than a month jer..alih2 bile baca artikel nie terus mcm kepotongan skit kat situ..patutnye baca artikel tuh after dh dpt 2 air free Chatime kan..hehehe..

Bubble tea shops are popping up all over the place - in malls, on corners, and anywhere else thirsty teens tend to gather. Bubble tea, also called pearl milk tea or boba tea, originated in Taiwan and has become a worldwide sipping - and chewing - phenomenon.

But what is bubble tea anyway? Take a cup, plop in a handful of round, gelatinous pearls of tapioca, top it with brewed black or green tea, mix in some milk, sugar, flavouring, and ice. Then shake it all up, and you've got yourself a bubble tea.(1)(18)

Bubble tea brings a lot of sweet excitement to our taste buds but it is also very harmful to health.

Milk essence (Non-Dairy or Dairy Creamers) is the main ingredient in bubble tea. Ten cups of fresh milk cannot match the taste of a teaspoon of milk essence.The main ingredient of milk essence is hygrogenated vegetable oil, a type of transfat(11)(17). Experts says that a glass of 500ml of bubble tea a day far exceed the allowable limit of transfat for any person(2grams a day)(7). It will lead to heart and blood vessel diseases.(2)

Milk essence gives the bubble tea the fragrance and make it tasty. The fragrance and tastiness derived from a type of chemical. This chemical has trace of arsenic, lead, copper and many harmful minerals(6)(9)(10).Long term consumption can lead to heart and blood vessel disease, cancer, asthma and other health complications.(5)

In addition, the syrup used for the bubble tea was found to be contaminated with with the cancer-causing plastic additive diethylhexyl phthalate.(12)(13)

Consuming the black bubbles pearls is equivalent to consuming plastic. Normally these bubbles were made from casava (tapioca) powder, which could lead to cyanide poisoning if not properly processed (8). This alone does not give the rubbery texture. To make it more rubbery, millet protein is added. Some “black hearted” businessmen felt that this is still not rubbery enough. so, an artificial plastic powder is added. This type of artificial plastic material will never be digested and absorbed into the body, and bear in mind, plastic is toxic to your body if consumed. It will remain in the body and cause havoc to our health. You can imagine what will happen to your health after prolonged consumption of transfat and plastic!!!!(3) (4) 

In addition, a standard Bubble Tea with milk and pearls contains roughly 250-380 calories (Thats an Average calorie for a slice of pizza) in just a 12-16 oz serving.It means that Bubble Tea is a one way ticket to Obe-City (obesity). Lets compare this drink to a Starbucks Nonfat Iced Vanilla Latte 12oz at 120 calories. (14)(15)(16)

Based on the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) guidelines, we should limit our sugar fix to 10 per cent of our daily energy intake. That’s approximately 40g to 55g (eight to 11 teaspoons) a day. Just one cup of bubble tea, however, contains six teaspoons – that’s almost 55 per cent of our recommended daily intake at one go. (menshealth singapore)

Note: The article is not meant to accuse all bubble tea, but to lay out the risk that some unethical vendor would sell to you. Be very cautios, when you purchase food without a nutritional value or safety assurance.






















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